Film/Tape Digitization

Excellence in Film Scanning

Film scanning is in our DNA, backed by over six decades of excellence supporting the unique concept of Script to Screen that we offer our clients. With our extensive experience in film production, processing, and post-production services, we provide highly secure and safe film scanning services to create digital masters for archiving, theatrical, and broadcast platforms.

Industry-Leading Technology

DFT (Digital Film Technology GmbH), the manufacturer of the Scanity HDR and OXScan 65 brand of film scanners, is a fully owned Prasad company. For over 75 years, DFT has been at the forefront of film scanning technology, delivering solutions for film post-production, film archives, and restoration markets with a range of high-quality, leading-edge products and services.

Global Presence

Our scanning and restoration services are available at Prasad’s Center of Excellence for film scanning in our Burbank office, CA, and through multiple partners across the globe in the USA, Europe, India, and Japan. Large film production companies and post houses have installed their own Scanity/OXScan film scanners to meet their requirements or partner with Prasad in a rental agreement on a pay-per-use model. Our scanning solutions ensure a fast turnaround for dailies or high-quality scans with resolutions up to 14K for archival purposes and 8K/4K/2K resolutions for theatrical and broadcast needs. We can scan film formats of 8mm, 16mm, Super16, 35mm, Super35, 65mm, or 70mm. We also provide the Wetgate option on select formats for the best quality output for old films with dirt and dust.

Digitization Services Since the 1980s

Prasad Corp introduced digitization services in the 1980s and has since been serving all terrestrial, satellite, and broadcast channels in the region. We have digitized over 600,000 hours of film content over the last two-plus decades.

8K – ScanOnce for Preservation

Future-Proof Your Film Negatives NOW

Film negatives are deteriorating rapidly. If not preserved well, they could be degenerating faster than you think. Save your precious assets NOW by digitizing/scanning at the highest possible resolution (8K) to ensure their future preservation.

Benefits of Digitizing at the Highest Resolution


You will have a high-resolution copy of your valuable content for long-term preservation.


Use the 8K copy for preservation while receiving a Super4K or Super2K simultaneously for access and monetization.


Save your original negative from damage by reducing the need to access it multiple times.

Comprehensive Video and Tape Digitization

Our Video and Tape Digitization division is equipped to handle all formats of analog and digital tape content. It is the preferred destination for major television channels, content creators, and content rights holders for converting their legacy content into easily accessible digital formats for repurposing. The technical expertise, along with the safety and security of the client materials, is an added advantage.
Our in-house experts are well trained in handling all kinds of tape formats, including VHS, UMATIC, BETA, DIGI BETA, DVCAM, D5, and Sony HDCAM, using competent technology to support digitization with audio/video editing. We currently hold a library of legacy tape players to help digitize content with indigenously formulated checking, manual cleaning for tapes, and repairs before digitization. We are proud to have provided major broadcast stations with solutions for films where the film sources were not available, making them broadcast-ready from their analog tape sources.

Our Services Include

Tape manual cleaning

RTI cleaning

Digitization of video and audio

Audio/video editing



Ensure the longevity and accessibility of your film content with Prasad Corp’s state-of-the-art film scanning and digitization services. Trust us to handle your film with the utmost care and expertise, preserving your legacy for future generations.

Film Digitization

Cultural Heritage Digitization

Libraries, Museums and Archive centres are repositories of rich cultural heritage which are faced with the challenge of preserving them for the future generation or for legal/operational purposes.
They need to be digitized and stored in digital formats that can be searched and retrieved when needed and also to promote these online for a new revenue stream for these institutions.

Our Services Include

Manuscript books




Sculpture art


Microfiche, or any

Audio-visual formats

Sometimes these could even be bizarre…

Our legacy of digitization of films helps us scan unusual and fragile materials and along with our capabilities around Metadata and Indexing make sure these are stored and secured for decades to come.