Physical Film Restoration and Preventive Conservation

Film reels are made of chemically unstable celluloid materials that deteriorate over time. It is crucial to reduce the deterioration of reels through various physical and chemical interventions. Prasad’s preservationists repair these films physically and chemically using molecular sieves and advise on the optimal storage conditions to minimize deterioration over time.
Prasad’s film preservation experts also advise on digitization, restoration, and other post-processing techniques that may be needed to digitally safeguard the content for future use, while ensuring the celluloid film is always preserved for posterity.

Services We Offer

Condition Assessment

Assess present condition of film and generate inspection report

Leaders’ Insertion and RFID Registration

Inserting leaders for easy handling and registering films with RFID for efficient tracking and management.

Re-arrangement of Cans

Systematic re-arrangement of film cans for optimized storage and access.

Conservation Treatment

Application of specialized treatments to stabilize and conserve the physical integrity of the film reels.

Cleaning of Films

Thorough cleaning processes to remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants from the film.

Repair of Reels

Skilled repair services to fix damaged reels and restore them to a stable condition.

Preservation of Reels Using Molecular Sieves

Utilizing molecular sieves to absorb moisture and prevent further chemical deterioration.

Physical Film Restoration and Preventive Conservation

Global Presence

Prasad Corp’s analog restoration and preventive conservation services are recognized globally. With a strong network of partners and facilities in the USA, Europe, and Asia, we ensure that our expertise is accessible to clients worldwide. Our global presence allows us to provide localized support, quick response times, and seamless service delivery, ensuring that your precious film reels receive the best care possible, no matter where you are located.

By integrating these meticulous preservation techniques and leveraging our global reach, Prasad Corp remains at the forefront of safeguarding cinematic heritage for future generations.