Prasad Corp Partners with Cinelab Film & Digital

March 22, 2022 (London, UK) – Prasad, the world leader in film preservation, digitization and restoration, has formed a strategic partnership with Cinelab Film & Digital in the UK to offer film scanning services via its latest OXScan 14K film scanner to handle 65mm 5-perf & 15-perf IMAX, 70mm print and 35mm film.

This will be the first scanner in the UK to offer such high-resolution, high-quality scanning across formats for remastering. OXScan is a 14K, pin-registered, 16bit RGB scanner – the first commercially available scanner at this level. Manufactured by DFT (Digital Film Technology GmbH – owned by Prasad), a company at the forefront of high-end film scanning technology, OXScan has been designed for 65mm original camera negative film and can handle 65mm 5-perf & 15-perf IMAX, 70mm print and 35mm film.

OXScan 14K also has the option to accommodate a soft capstan motor drive system to scan archive films for preservation (at the highest possible resolution) and remastering.

“Prasad is excited to introduce the OXScan 14K Film Scanner to the UK marketplace and thrilled to have Cinelab as our partner,” says Simon Clark, Vice-President at Prasad. “Together, we will be able to offer our unique capability, to offer 8K finishing and remastering across the 35mm/65mm formats.”

The new OXScan enhances Cinelab’s existing wide range of scanning solutions, sitting alongside their Scanity HDR and Spirit 4K scanners, guaranteeing Cinelab can offer the best service and best picture options for all budgets.

The OXScan will also bolster Cinelab’s archive, restoration, and remastering services complementing their work to scan, save and restore films for future generations.

Adrian Bull, Cinelab CEO, said: “Since establishing our 65mm processing capability with Kodak back in 2016 we have worked on several inevitably high-profile features, but there has been a lack of high-end finishing scanning available in the UK and Europe. This solution from DFT provides the highest quality pin-registered 65-5perf and IMAX scans from this very special format. Additionally, we are looking forward to developing the market in 8K finishing and remastering of 35mm film.”

Prasad Corp
Prasad Corp offers a comprehensive range of preservation, digitization and restoration services globally. As the owner of Digital Film Technology GmbH, it’s suitably placed to help with the ingest of complex archival film scanning projects both on-site and off-site. Prasad provides services, including but not limited to film preservation, film scanning of 16mm/35mm/65mm formats to 2K, 4K, 8K up to 14K resolution, digital film restoration, QC and metadata management. Prasad provides film digitization services from its Los Angeles office or through its partners in the US, UK, Europe and Japan with restoration services from our Chennai, India headquarters.

About Cinelab Film & Digital

Cinelab Film & Digital is Europe’s leading film laboratory and the only facility in the UK offering integrated full-service film laboratory and digital dailies services. Providing complete end-to-end film and digital workflow solutions across feature films, episodic TV, commercials, music videos, archive and restoration.

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