Scanner Products


DFT POLAR HQ is the next generation Film Scanner. It is designed predominantly for the film archive market to handle aged or damaged film stocks but is equally suited for SCANONCE new film production workflows. DFT POLAR HQ has been created using a unique modular concept that enables the new adoption of individual components in the future.

Using the latest state-of-the-art 9.3K monochrome sensor in combination with its brand-new Smart Motion Film Gate system the new DFT POLAR HQ is perfectly equipped to handle a range of challenging film-related issues, whilst delivering ultra-high resolution native 8K deliverables, without the need for micro-scanning. DFT POLAR HQ facilitates a next level of performance for mastering or remastering film into 4K and 8K deliverables.


This is a high resolution and high-quality film scanner, capable of seamlessly scanning large format film materials. It is possibly the only scanner in the world which is capable of achieving an astounding resolution of 14K at a bit depth of 16 bits. This evolutionary scanner provides outputs in various formats including TIFF, DPX and EXR at a speed of 2.4 FPS at 14K.


Scanity HDR has been developed specifically for archive and restoration facilities to manage a range of difficult and historically-aged film issues. It facilitates the ingest of difficult dense black and white materials at real-time speeds using a unique triple-exposure technology – which means that instead of slowing down, the speed remains constant, creating significant time and cost benefits and allowing access to previously unseen details from the high and lowlights of the film at extraordinary speeds.


Digital Film Technology (dft) completed on the 9th of December 2016 the acquisition of precision Swiss image and sound digitization company Sondor. This acquisition brings together two leading technologies from each of the image and sound digitisation fields, with the explicit intention of benefiting all film archive customers.

Sondor Versa - For Image and Sound

Versa is a modular and scalable framework for archival digitization of moving image and sound. At its core is a precision film transport – the essential base to any high-quality film digitization. Scalable options for image and sound transfer can be grouped around this core.

Sondor Resonances - For Sound Scanning

The Sondor Resonances optical soundtrack scanner system reads all types of 16mm and 35mm optical tracks and eliminates image-spread distortion from soundtrack negatives.